Spectacle Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the creation of Monolith™. Our mission is to create a monumental legacy. Monolith™ is immortality for those whose story lives within. Who will be remembered? This is the question Spectacle answers.


Dario Santacroce


Dario Santacroce is a sculptor exploring time as a metaphor, theory, experience and idea through the use of simple forms and stone.

Santacroce is now established in his own sculptural universe, a world rich in symbols and archetypes with stone as the central metaphor of temporal perception. For Santacroce, the exploration of perception as a fluid and changing experience became a driving force, and one that pushed him toward stone as a material and now combining the use of superior technological tools to create his visions.

Spectacle Vince Corvo

Vince Corvo

Entrepreneur, Founder

Vince Corvo is a mathematician, educator and entrepreneur. His deep experience in the 3-ring circus of academia, pedagogy and industry places him in a unique technical position to shape and inform the Spectacle vision.





Joseph Davidovits

Scientific Advisor (Geopolymer Science)

Professor Joseph Davidovits is known by the scientific community for being the inventor of geopolymer science. He is the President of the Geopolymer Institute and Chair of the annual conference Geopolymer Camp, Saint-Quentin, France.

1659 - 2010-03.jpg

Ralph Davidovits

Scientific Advisor (Geopolymer Science)

Ralph Davidovits is heading the Geopolymer Institute Technologies Laboratory in France, in charge of developing new advanced, durable and environmentally friendly applications with this new class of materials.


Melissa Unger

Catalyst (Creative Director of Seymour Projects)

Prior to founding Seymour Projects, Melissa Unger built a successful career in media, arts, and public service, working with internationally recognized organizations. She has held positions on the production crew of a number of acclaimed feature films and been the personal assistant to actors Robert De Niro and Daniel Day-Lewis. She leverages her unique experience, techniques, and vision towards the goal of nurturing human consciousness in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

Stroobant 140dpi.png

Dominique Stroobant 

Artistic Advisor

Dominique Stroobant is a renowned artist, stonemason and pinhole photographer, with ample knowledge and vast experience working at monumental scale with natural stone, as well as materials of all kinds. He has undertaken extensive research on weathering factors and decay of stone material in monuments, in relation to his competence in statuary stone restoration.

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Angelo Comotto

Architectural Advisor

Angelo Comotto is an Italian architect. After studying and working with Massimo Carmassi and Guido Canali he founded his own studio, comotto & partners, architecture and engineering specialized on residential, exhibition, office and industrial design in Venice, Italy.