Call for Submissions: Visual Art Repository


Submission Details


Submission Guidelines

Submission materials:

1. 200 words bio/artist statement;

2. 1-3 images, each image 2Mb max: jpg, jpeg, png or tiff

3. Donation: $20 per image


Entry Donation:

Spectacle, Inc. is a California 501(c) art non-profit organization. Inclusion in the Monolith Visual Art Repository will be possible via a donation which will serve for construction purposes of Monolith™. Each entry is eligible for a maximum of 3 images. A donation of $20 per image is required.


Submission process:

1. Prepare your 200 word bio/artist statement

2. Prepare 1-3 images of your work, in either jpg, jpeg, png or tiff format, 2Mb maximum file size per image

3. Title each image as this example: name_surname_titleofwork

4. Complete the entry form and transfer your entry donation at:

5. Send an email to:
Subject line: First and Last name
Body: your 200 word bio/artist statement
Attachment: your image(s)

6. Spectacle Inc. will confirm your inclusion in the Monolith™ Visual Art Repository via email as submissions are reviewed.

7. If there is any trouble submitting an entry, please contact:



Monolith™ :

Spectacle, Inc. is an art non-profit organization with the mission to create a monumental legacy.

We are building Monolith™, the largest single-block, permanent public sculpture, to be created by artist Dario Santacroce. Using the scientific rigor of contemporary material science, we have developed a formula to produce a unique ultra-resistant stone material, capable of withstanding the harshest atmospheric conditions and resisting erosion for millions of years.

Monolith™ will be a snapshot of our epoch, and will contain Nucleus™ - the vessel designed to carry humanity’s most important legacy through the ages.


Call for Entry

Monolith Visual Art repository:

This notice is a call for the inclusion of visual art within the Monolith Visual Art Repository. Specifically, the Repository will reside within the walls of Nucleus™ at the core of Monolith™.

The Monolith Visual Art Repository will digitally store the work and biographical information of contemporary visual artists. The purpose of the Monolith Visual Art Repository is to provide the artistic context of the epoch in which Monolith™ has been created. Serving as our epoch’s artistic pulse, frozen beyond time, transcending the ages, the Monolith Visual Art Repository will allow contemporary artists to reach future generations.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to write the future of art history by storing clear and accurate information of our epoch’s contemporary art and artists. We welcome submissions from all visual contemporary artists.





Entry deadline: 



This call is open to all national and international professional artists, either emerging or established. Artists must be over 18 years of age.

Eligible media:

Eligible media include any visual art form that can be recorded as a digital still image: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Mixed media, Digital art, Installation art, Earth art, etc. Video art and Sound art will be part of a separate call at a later date.


Participants may only submit original work which they have personally created. Spectacle Inc. and/or its review committee reserve the right to refuse any artwork deemed inappropriate or for any other reason.

Artists will be notified via email as early as possible after the review committee has made its decision regarding submission. Refused work will not be refunded.

Legal agreement and Terms of use 

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Call for submissions

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