Three ways for your story to be part of Monolith™


Spectacle Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to building Monolith™ and all donations will be instrumental to the construction of Monolith™



Monolith™ Lottery
( $23 )

As a Benefactor you can register in the Monolith™ Lottery to win a Patron Capsule. Your Lottery Certificate in a unique stainless steel plate engrave with your name and ID.  Your name will be featured in the Spectacle Benefactor List.

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Immortal by name
( $ 159 )

Nucleus™ will be engraved with the names of 23,000 Sponsors, who will also be featured on the Spectacle Sponsor List. By becoming part of the monumental legacy that Monolith™ represents your name will continue to  resonate throughout the ages.

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( $ 479 )

Nucleus™ holds 10,000 hermetically sealed glass ampules of Visionary individuals. Engraved with your name, and storing your hair, the ampule enables you to transcend your existence. Your name will be featured in the Spectacle Visionary List.

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Private Patron Capsule
( by appointment only )

Throughout history, uniquely powerful human beings have devised strategies and invested resources to ensure that their life and story are never forgotten.

At its core, deep within Monolith™ resides Nucleus™, a steel vault containing precious cargo: 23 Patrons will each be endowed with a glass capsule, where their personal story will be engraved and strands of hair carrying their DNA will be stored in hermetically sealed ampules. The biological and cultural evidence of their human life will thus become the means for the designated patron to transcend normal human existence and attain immortality.