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Win a Patron Capsule
$ 23


Spectacle Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to building Monolith™. Your contribution to the Monolith™ Lottery will count as tax deductible donation.

Private Patron Capsule

Monolith™ Lottery

Grand Prize

One Private Patron Capsule


Patron Capsule Specifications and Contents

The 6 exterior faces of the capsule can be engraved with any relevant information about yourself

The capsule carries the individual ampule storing your hair stand that contains your ultimate DNA signature.

The Ampule is also laser engraved with your name

A full genetic sequencing stored in digital format

A digital storage device in which you can store any additional digital information about yourself

A small personal item of your choosing

Personal items must comply with the list of accepted materials

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Lottery Tickets

100,000 Monolith™ Lottery Certifies 

A Lottery Certificate is a stainless steel plate engraved with your name and unique certificate number

After you register online you will receive an electronic receipt and your personal Lottery Certificate will be mailed to you

Each Monolith™ Lottery Certificate is unique

Spectacle will produce and mail batches of 100 Lottery Certificates at a time


Selection Process

The winner of the Monolith™ Lottery will be randomly selected either:

After all Benefactor Certificates are dispatched


At the start of construction work for Monolith™

As a Benefactor you will receive a personalized stainless steel Spectacle Benefactor Certificate which will serve as your unique registration in the Monolith™ Lottery to win a special Patron Capsule