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Your Name on Nucleus™
$ 159



Immortal by name
( $ 159 )

Nucleus™ will be engraved with the names of 23,000 Sponsors, who will also be featured on the Spectacle Sponsor List. By become part of the monumental legacy that Monolith™ represents your name will continue to  resonate throughout the ages.


Sponsor Name Engraving Specifications

Must be your real name

A copy of a valid document with the same name will be required

Comes with a stainless steel Spectacle Sponsor Certificate

Registers you automatically in the Monolith Lottery to win a Patron Capsule

Name featured in the Spectacle Visionary List

Total number of Sponsor Names ( 23,000 )

Tax deductible donation to Spectacle Inc. ( $ 159 )


As a Sponsor you will receive a personalized stainless steel Spectacle Sponsor Certificate which will also serve as your unique registration token for the Monolith™ Lottery to win a special Patron Capsule